“Mobile Civil Servant. Improving the availability of public services for residents with special needs.”

Project No.: POWR.04.03.00-00-0134 / 18

About the project

The transnational project is implemented by the Social Participation Foundation-Leader of the Project, together with partners. Thanks to the project commune/municipalities from all over Poland will implement a new solution to meet the needs of residents with special needs. Civil servants will reach people who cannot reach the offices.

Goal of the project:

The main goal of the project is to develop a model of activities and raise the level of competences of 96 municipal civil servants in the area of customer service and functions needed (as defined in the Accessibility+ Program 2018-2025) – people with biological and legal disabilities, weakened by diseases, with temporary or permanent limitation of mobility and reaching the place of providing services, older people (65+), dependent people (15+) who, because of health deficits, are at risk of social and civic exclusion.

The project involves developing a model of providing public services by a civil servants outside the commune office.

The Model will contain procedures for the provision of public services outside the office as well as standards for delivering services offered to the residents with special needs in direct contact.

Target group:

The target group in the project are commune/ municipalities offices (pol. Urzedy Gminy) and their employees (UP).

In total, support for the project will cover 120 employees of municipal offices, including 80 people at the stage of model implementation and 40 in the testing stage.

In addition, support will cover 400 people with special needs, residents of 40 municipalities testing the solution, to whom a mobile service will be offered.

Project implementation area:

The project will be implemented throughout Poland in 120 municipalities from 7 macro-regions (NUTS1) both in testing and implementation phase.

In addition, due to the wide dimension of the model, the potential for its future application in other institutions in the country (e.g. in poviat and voivodship self-government units) in the area of ​​customer service procedures and standards is expected.

Results of the projects:

As a result of the support provided, at least 80% of the employees of the UG participating in the trainings will raise their own competences in servicing residents with special needs (96 people).

At least 80 commune offices will implement the new solution in the institution’s practice on the basis of a written decision (resolution of the commune council / ordinance of the commune head / mayor) and apply it for a period of at least 12 months from the end of the project.

Implementation period:

November 2019 – October 2021


Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, Priority Axis IV. Social innovations and transnational cooperation, Action: 4.3 Transnational cooperation

Total amount of eligible expenses in the project: PLN 1,445,604.00

Co-financing amount: PLN 1,402,140.00

Co-financing from EU funds: PLN 1 363 060.01


Social Participation Foundation – leader

Regional Center for Social Policy in Poznań – national partner

Association VSBI – a transnational partner from Germany

The Social Unitas company – a transnational partner from Germany


Stages of project implementation:

  1. Preparation of the solution (10.2019-06.2020)
  2. Testing the solution (07.2020-03.2021)
  3. Analysis of testing results (04-05.2021)
  4. Development of the implementation version (06-08.2021)
  5. Implementation of the solution (09-12.2021)
  6. Development of recommendations (12.2021)



A study visit took place from 02/03/ until 03/03/2020. It was aimed at developing a new solution for the project.


We invite you to contact us with all the municipalities that are interested in implementing the mobile civil servants model.



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